Monitor and prevent password reuse

Set up passive password monitoring

As an administrator, you can monitor password reuse without showing warnings to users by installing the Chrome Reporting Extension. You can view log information about Chrome Browser usage, even if you haven’t configured single sign-on (SSO) for your domain.

Monitor password reuse

  1. Automatically install the Chrome Reporting Extension for users.
  2. In the chrome_reporting_log_YYYY_MM_DD.json log file, search for the following events to find information about passwords that users changed or reused.
    • onPolicySpecifiedPasswordChanged—Lets you know if users change their password. Only available for G Suite users.
    • onPolicySpecifiedPasswordReuseDetected—If users reuse their password, you can see:
      • Who reused their password
      • The URL where they reused the password
      • Whether the website appears on the Safe Browsing list

Note: If users are in Incognito mode, the Chrome Reporting Extension does not monitor passwords.

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