Legacy Browser Support (integrated) for Windows

Set up integrated LBS for Windows

Chrome Browser version 74 and later.

For administrators who manage Chrome Browser on Windows for a business or school.

As an administrator, you can automatically switch users between Chrome Browser and another browser. Deploy Legacy Browser Support (LBS) and use policies to specify which URLs open in an alternative browser. For example, you can ensure that browser visits to the internet use Chrome Browser, but visits to your organization’s intranet use Internet Explorer®.

In Chrome Browser version 74 and later, LBS functionality is integrated into the Chrome Browser MSI. You can turn on LBS and set policies to manage LBS in the Chrome Group Policy Template. So, you no longer need to install the LBS extension and set policies in the separate Legacy Browser Support Group Policy Template. Or, you can keep using the LBS extension in your organization instead of switching to integrated LBS.


  • If you have Chrome Browser version 73 or earlier, use the LBS extension. For details, see Install the LBS Chrome Extension.
  • If you have Chrome Browser version 74 or later, LBS is part of the Chrome Browser Enterprise bundle. Follow the steps below to deploy integrated LBS.
  • If you previously deployed the LBS extension in your organization and you switch to integrated LBS, check users’ devices to make sure that LBS is working correctly.
  • Use LBS with the latest release of Chrome Browser.
  • LBS works with Internet Explorer 6-11.
  • In Windows®, make sure that enhanced protected mode is turned off.

Overview of steps

  1. Download the components that you need to deploy integrated LBS in your organization.
  2. Enable integrated LBS by setting the BrowserSwitcherEnabled policy. Specify the URLs that you want to open in an alternative browser. You can set additional policies to customize integrated LBS for your organization.
  3. For admins who previously deployed the Chrome Legacy Browser Support extension on Windows computers, remove the LBS extension from the list of force-installed extensions. 
  4. Test and deploy integrated LBS and policies to all your users.
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