Cloud Print certificate testing

1. Cloud Print certificate announcement

Update your printer’s firmware to work with Cloud Print


  • In 2018, a number of cloud-ready printers may stop printing with Cloud Print unless the printer manufacturer updates your printer’s firmware to work with new certificates.
  • This change only affects cloud-ready printers that connect directly to Cloud Print (for example, without connectors).
  • If you think your cloud-ready printer may be affected, contact your printer manufacturer for a fix.

Cloud Ready printers in your organization that have not been updated by your printer manufacturers may still be trusting certificates that are expiring in the coming months. Printer manufacturers were reminded about the expiring certificates in January, 2017. As a result, some Cloud Ready printers in your organization using Google Cloud Print™ may stop working starting in March 2018. This article is to alert you about a possible interruption and gives guidance on how to address this issue.

The situation

Cloud Ready printers with firmware that relies on expiring security certificates may eventually appear as offline in Cloud Print and stop receiving print jobs. Unfortunately, Google cannot provide an update for your printer’s firmware–only the manufacturer can. Note, however, that if you are using a third party print solution provider to handle Cloud Print connectivity (e.g. PrinterOn), it is possible that you may not be impacted by this change. Please check with your third party solution provider.

Looking ahead

We realize how disruptive this may be for your users, which is why we are regularly updating this help article with the most up-to-date information. You may also contact your printer manufacturer directly to find out if your printer will be affected and, if so, whether or not they have updated compatible firmware.

Next steps

  1. Identify if your Cloud Ready printers are impacted.
    • As Google performs tests, we will update a list of printers that we know are impacted or not. If your printer is not on this list, you can test it yourself by following these instructions.
  2. For impacted printers, see if firmware updates are available.
    You can get this information directly from the manufacturer (Printer OEM Contact List).
  3. If the firmware cannot be updated, admins can pursue these alternatives to continue using their Cloud Ready printers:

Read about each of the solutions and trade-offs (including platforms supported). See the table comparing scenarios and features supported by Cloud Print and CUPS printing.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this situation may cause. We remain committed to working with you to identify affected printers and offer recommendations. If you have additional questions or need help, please contact Google support. Reference issue number 70039828.

How do I contact my printer manufacturer?



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