Chrome devices for business and education FAQ

How do users print from Chrome devices?

Users can print from any Internet-connected device using Google Cloud Print (GCP). GCP routes print jobs between Chrome devices, PCs, smartphones, or tablets and sends them to an Internet-connected printer. Learn more.

With Chrome 59 and later, users can print to local and network printers. You can use the Google Admin console to add printers that automatically appear in your users’ list of Chrome printers. This lets them print without setting up Google Cloud Print. Learn more.

How do I deploy applications and software to Chrome devices?

Chrome devices do not run client software applications, but they do run web applications. The web-based management console enables you set policies to define what Chrome Web Store applications and extensions are pre-installed, allowed, or blocked outright.

You can also have users in your organization create their own Chrome apps and extensions. And you can deploy these apps in a private collection in the Chrome Web Store that's only available to users in your organization. Learn more about private app collections.

Where do I find software applications for Chrome devices? How many apps are there?

Chrome devices run hundreds of thousands of available web applications. Many web applications are available as Chrome Web Apps or Chrome Extensions in the Chrome Web Store and top work applications are available in the G Suite Marketplace.

Additionally, Chrome Devices for Education administrators can bulk purchase App Packs for education and preinstall them on their students Chrome devices. These App Packs are curated for grade level and save teachers time selecting what apps they want their students to use. Learn more about App Packs.

Can I install my existing client software on Chrome devices?

No. Chrome devices only run a browser, so they cannot run any other client software. If you need legacy software, you can remote into client software from a Chrome device.

Can I install any browser other than Chrome?

No. It's not possible to install or run any other browser on a Chrome device, because you can't run client software on it. The Chrome operating system runs Chrome only.

Do I need to back up my Chrome devices?

Each Chrome device has a solid-state drive and can store data locally. However the limited amount of data that a user stores means that most administrators won't need to back up a Chrome device. Note that your users' settings and preferences are stored in the cloud, so migration to a new machine is quick and painless.

Will Chrome devices support Flash, Java, Silverlight, and other plug-ins we need for some of our internal applications?

Chrome devices have Flash support built-in, but they do not support Java or Silverlight. If you need Java, Silverlight, or other plug-in support, there are virtualization and remoting options you can use for Chrome devices.

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