Block a room

If you find a room abusive in Google Chat, you can block and report the room. If you unblock a room, you can only rejoin if you see Can join in Browse rooms.

When you block a room:

  • You don't get any more updates from the room.
  • Your older posts in the room are still visible to other room members.
  • You won't see the room in the list of joined rooms or if you browse or search for rooms. 
  • If you were invited to the room, the other members of the room still see you as an invited member.


If you're re-invited to a blocked room:

  • You appear as an invited member, but aren’t notified or added to the room. 
  • The inviter or other room members won't know that you blocked the room. 

If you’re removed from a room that you blocked and re-invited, the inviter and room members will see an error message saying that they can’t add you with a link to a Help Centre article.

Note: Blocked users can't add you to a room, and you can't add blocked users to a room.

Block a room

  1. Sign in to Chat or Gmail.
  2. On the left, under Rooms, click the room.
  3. Choose an option:
    • In Chat, point to the room name and click More""and thenBlock room
    • In Gmail, click the room and at the top, click the Down arrow ""and thenclick Block and report.

      If the room is in your organisation, this option is Block.

  4. (Optional) To report this room as spam or for abuse, tick the Report this room as spam or abuse box. You can only do this for external rooms.
  5. Click Block.

Unblock a room

  1. Sign in to Chat.
  2. At the top, click Settings ""and thenSettings
  3. Click Manage blocked rooms.
  4. Select the room.
  5. Click Unblock
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