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Respond to a Google Chat message request

In Google Chat, you don't have to chat with people you don’t know. The first time someone sends you a direct message, you get a request. If you use Google Chat with a Google Workspace account, you may get requests from people within your organization. You can accept requests or ignore them.

What happens when you accept or ignore a message

If you accept a message request

  • The requester can view your basic profile details (name, avatar, email address) and can tell if you're online.
  • You can view all attachments that the person sends and reply to their messages.
  • The requestor can add you to chat spaces.

If you ignore a message request

  • The message goes away. To find the request again, search for the person in Google Chat. You may need to use their  email address when you search.
  • The requestor can't tell you ignored them.
  • You can block the requestor from sending you more requests. Learn how to block a person.

Spam message requests

Google Chat filters messages requests that appear to be spam into a separate section. You can accept or block messages that are marked spam.

Accept or ignore a chat message request in Chat or Gmail

  1. Open the Chat app "" or Gmail app "".
  2. Click Start a chat "" and then Message requests.
  3. Click the name. Their message appears with the request.
  4. Click Accept or Ignore.
    • Optional: To stop additional message requests from a person, click Also block and then Ignore.

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