Manage a customer's free trial

When you add a new customer for a paid service such as G Suite, you can offer a 30-day free trial for the service if customer qualifies. For online customers:

  • One trial period is offered per customer.
  • If the customer doesn't qualify, the trial option isn't available in the console.

Qualifications for a free trial

Qualified accounts

  • New customers 
  • Customer accounts in a direct free trial when transferred to your reseller account.

Accounts that don’t qualify

  • Direct customers whose accounts aren’t currently in a trial
  • Direct and reseller customers who canceled a trial
  • Customers who contractually use offline order placement

Convert a trial to a paid subscription

During the trial, you can set up a payment plan to convert your customer's subscription to a Google account. If you don’t set up a billing and payment plan within 30 days, the trial account is suspended until you set up billing.

Note: To convert a trial customer who has multiple services, you must be able to resell all of those services. For example, so a customers can transfer both their G Suite and Drive storage subscriptions to you.

  1. Sign in to the Channel Services console.
  2. On the Customers page, click the customer name.
  3. Select the customer's subscription.
  4. To end a subscription's trial period, click Start a paid subscription.

    To start a paid subscription after the free trial period expired (payment plan is listed as "Grace plan"), click Set up billing.


Transfer a trial customer to Google

If your customer doesn’t want to convert to a paid account, you can transfer their account to Google, which gives them the opportunity to enter another 30-day trial period.

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