Google Workspace quickstart for resellers

The Partner Sales Console is designed for resellers of Google Cloud products. Use the console to add customers, manage accounts, create orders, and other key tasks for reselling. 

Sign in to the Partner Sales Console

  1. Go to the Partner Sales Console at
    Available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)

  2. Sign in with your partner username and password.

Console feature map

Console menu




  • Search, sort, and filter customers 
  • Add and manage customers
  • Place orders 
  • Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions
  • Accept proposals from Google


  • View your billing accounts
  • Change payment methods


  • Find your account ID (Reseller Public Identifier) 
  • Customize your Support information for customers
  • Accept terms of services and agreements 

Create and manage customers

Create a customer

You can create a customer account without immediately placing an order. For example, create a customer's account now, and later when the customer is ready, you can order their Google Workspace free trial. 

Update customer account information

When a customer updates account information in their Admin console, for example, changing their primary domain, the updates aren't synced to your Partner Sales Console. You need to update the customer's account information in your Partner Sales Console. To stay up-to-date, remind customers to notify you when they change their domain name, administrator, or contact information.

Customer transfers

To accept a transfer, first add the customer to your account and token. 

How to accept a transfer

Customer status and subscriptions

Ordering and managing subscriptions

  • You can order Google Workspace subscriptions, Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals edition, Google Workspace for Education Plus edition, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, Cloud Identity Premium, Google Voice, Workspace Additional Storage, Vault, and Archived User. 
  • You can accept Google proposal. When an order submitted in the Partner Sales Tool is approved, it's available as a Pending Proposal.

View customers​

  •  Filter—Click Filter dropdown icon to filter by renewal date and subscription type or status. You can also save your favorite filters.
  • Search by customer—Searches both the name and domain of customers.
  • Sort—Click the name of column (for example Renewal Date) to sort the table.

List of customers

  • Renewal date—Shows the subscription with the earliest renewal date. The date is based on the UTC time zone. (-7 PDT and -4 EDT).
  • Subscriptions—Shows a customer's subscriptions and status.
  • Download customers—Available only to your super admins 

Subscription status

The Customers list has new descriptions for a subscription's status. 

Status What this means
  • Suspended until TOS is accepted
  • Subscription trial period has ended
  • Reseller suspended subscription

Subscription expired without renewal

<empty> Customer has no subscriptions


To view the reason for a suspension, click the customer name and then the suspended subscription. 


Update a subscription

Click a subscription to view and change payment plans, licenses, renewal settings, and status.

The pricing shown is based on your reseller pricing for the current month or year (for annual contracts).



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