Upgrade or downgrade Google Workspace editions

If your customers need different features for their users, you can switch their Google Workspace edition.

If you have customers with G Suite Basic or G Suite Business...

It’s time to transition your customers’ G Suite subscriptions to Google Workspace subscriptions. Learn how

Before you begin

Review the following information:

  • Business edition subscriptions have a 300 license maximum. If your customer has:
    • A Business edition subscription with over 300 licenses on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, they’re upgraded to an Enterprise edition at their next contract renewal, unless they reduce their licenses to 300 or fewer at renewal. Upgraded customers receive an email describing their new edition, pricing, features, and billing plan.
    • An Enterprise edition subscription with over 300 licenses, they can’t switch to a Business edition subscription unless they reduce their licenses.
  • Upgrades from Enterprise Essentials to Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus require domain verification. 

Change Google Workspace editions

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console.
  2. Click the customer that’s switching editions. 
  3. Click their current Google Workspace subscriptionand thenclick Upgrade or Downgrade.
  4. For Available SKUs, choose an edition and click Select.
  5. Follow the prompts to select a payment plan and confirm the change of editions.

    If you’re upgrading a customer’s subscription that’s on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan with yearly payments, you can only switch them to the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan with monthly payments. After you make the switch, you get a prorated credit for any remaining yearly subscription balance.

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