Dashboard for Google Cloud Platform

Use the dashboard to view Google Cloud Platform resale metrics and trends, such as overall customer spend and top services.

The dashboard shows data for billing subaccounts that are assigned to your customersor created in the Partner Sales Console  (by placing an order for Google Cloud Platform). The displayed customer costs include the data from your reseller Cloud Billing accounts with assigned billing subaccounts. 

Requirements for the dashboard

  • You have customers with active Google Cloud Platform subscriptions (billing subaccounts).
  • Your billing subaccounts are assigned to a customer account in your Partner Sales Console. Information for unassigned billing subaccounts doesn't appear in the dashboard. Learn more

Permissions for this task

To view the dashboard, you need two roles:

  • The Billing Account Viewer or Billing Account Administrator role on the reseller Cloud Billing accounts that you want to view in the charts. If you have roles only on billing subaccounts, you won't have access.
  • The Google Cloud Platform Reseller Admin role (assigned in the Partner Sales Console). 

Open the dashboard

Note: The dashboard's date range and dates use the Pacific Time Zone, and observe daylight saving time shifts.
  1. Permissions required: The GCP Reseller administrator role and the billing.accounts.close permission on your reseller parent Cloud Billing accounts. Learn more.
  2. Go to "" and then Dashboard icon Dashboard.
  3. Choose a date range. The default is Current month (the first day of the current month to today). Choose a set range, such as "last 90 days",  or enter a custom range.

    Pulldown menu to select the date rate and currency

  4. If you're billed in multiple currencies: you can filter the dashboard results by currency. (The GCP currency setting doesn't convert between currencies.)

    In the GCP currency box, click ""then select the currency. The dashboard shows data only for the billing accounts set up in the selected currency (corresponds to your invoices in the selected currency). Learn more about multiple currencies

Dashboard charts

The dashboard charts display metrics based on your customer's billing subaccounts. Metrics for unassigned billing subaccounts don't appear in charts.

Dashboard data is retrieved in real time. A date range that includes today's date (such as the current month or a custom date range) displays the most recent usage available.

Costs shown in the dashboard

  • Cost at list price: The cost if Google Cloud's public pricing rate for a SKU or service was applied to the usage. In other words, the cost before discounts, credits, and negotiated prices.
  • Customer cost: The usage-based cost expectation for charges to a resold customer. Does not include your Google Reseller Program discount, offline credits, or custom rebilling.
  • Net cost: The total usage-based costs for reseller charges. Includes your Google Reseller Program discount, negotiated savings, SUDs, CUDs, and spending-based discounts. Net cost does not include offline credits or custom rebilling.
  • Gross profit: Your total profit, shown as the difference between customer cost and net cost. This is equivalent to your Reseller margin credit and excludes offline credits and custom rebilling.
  • Note: Custom repricing information will be available in a later release of the dashboard.

Spend chart

The Spend chart shows your customers' daily spend by cost at list price, net cost, and customer cost.

line graph with cost comparisons

Top services chart

The Top services chart can give you insights to the services your customers use most frequently. The chart lists the five Google Cloud Platform services with the highest charges. If you resell more than five services, the chart shows the top four services and groups the other services in the "Other" column.

chart of top products by revenue

Top movers chart

The Top movers chart highlights changes in Customer cost over time. Click a column name to sort by the column value.

chart showing recent top movers

The Trend column compares the Customer cost over a date range. For example, select the month of March and the previous date is set to January 29 - February 28 (31 days for both date ranges). You can also select a custom date range:

shows date range for chart date

By default, the chart is sorted by the Absolute trend, from high to low. Click More  ""and then Trend preferences to select the format for the trend.

  • Absolute: Change in Customer cost, either positive or negative
  • Percent: Change in Customer cost by percentage
  • Raw: Change in Customer cost

Choose options for trend calculations


  • The charts don't show data for billing accounts or subaccounts

  • You might be missing the Billing Account Viewer or Billing Account Administrator role on some of your reseller billing accounts. Check with another super administrator in your organization.
  • Data for offline orders for Google Cloud Platform services isn't available in the Dashboard charts.  
  • A chart is missing information for some subaccounts

To appear in the charts, a billing subaccount must be assigned to a customer in your Partner Sales Console. To view unassigned subaccounts: 

  1. Permissions required: The GCP Reseller administrator role and the billing.accounts.close permission on your reseller parent Cloud Billing accounts. Learn more.

  2. From the home page, click Billing > Unassigned subaccounts.

    The Unassigned Billing Subaccounts page lists billing subaccounts that aren't assigned to a customer account.

  3. Follow the steps to assign subaccounts to a customer.

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