Cancel a Google Cloud Platform subscription (close billing subaccount)

Cancel a Google Cloud Platform subscription to close the associated billing subaccount. The subscription is removed from the Partner Sales Console, and the billing subaccount’s status is set to Closed in the Cloud Console. You can no longer assign customers or projects to the billing subaccount.

Canceling a Google Cloud Platform subscription stops all billable services (such as running VM instances or storage buckets) in projects linked to the billing subaccount. Before you cancel the Google Cloud Platform subscription:

Cancel a Google Cloud Platform subscription

Permissions required

  • In the Partner Sales Console: GCP Reseller Admin role on the Cloud Billing account of the billing subaccount.
  • In the Cloud Console: The billing.accounts.close permission on the Cloud Billing account.
  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console with your Google Cloud Identity or Google Workspace reseller account. Learn more
  2. On the Customers page, select the customer's account.
  3. Select the Google Cloud Platform subscription to cancel. Tip: Click the billing subaccount ID to view in the Cloud Console. 

  4. Change the subscription status from Active to Canceled.

The billing subaccount status is Closed in the Cloud Console and can't be reopened. 

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