Get started: New Google Cloud resellers

This articles is for new resellers of Google Cloud. If you already resell Google Cloud, go to Getting started.

Roles & permissions

To use the Partner Sales Console, users need permissions on one or more of reseller billing accounts.

  1. The Billing Account Administrator role or a custom role with both the billing.accounts.get and billing.accounts.update permissions on one or more of your reseller Google Cloud Billing accounts.

    In Google Cloud, assign the Billing Account Administrator role and permissions at the Organizational level. If a user can't sign in to the Partner Sales Console, the role or permissions might be inherited through a project or resource.
  2. The Google Cloud Reseller Admin role in the Partner Sales Console. Permissions for the role:
    • Create customer accounts
    • View and edit customer information
    • Order Google Cloud (creates billing subaccount) 
    • Assign roles to billing subaccounts 
    • View Dashboard information 

View & assign Google Cloud Reseller Admin role

Google Cloud Billing accounts

Reseller Google Cloud Billing accounts are Cloud Billing accounts provisioned by Google with resale features. For a customer, you create subaccounts associated with your Google Cloud Billing accounts. Each Google Cloud Billing Account creates a single invoice for all associated cloud usage.


Like a Google Cloud Billing account, a subaccount has linked projects, a unique ID, and sets of users with billing IAM roles and permissions. A subaccount lets you group charges from projects in separate section of your invoice. Charges for the billing subacccounts are paid for by the parent Cloud Billing account.

In the Partner Sales Console, placing an order for Google Cloud creates a subaccount for a customer.

Using the Partner Sales Console & the Google Cloud console

You can manage most customers' orders, billing, and permissions in the Partner Sales Console. Use the Google Cloud console to manage customer's projects and create custom billing roles.

Partner Sales Console Google Cloud
Google Cloud Billing Account API
Create and manage customers    
Assign Google Cloud Reseller Admin role ✓*   
Create subaccounts  
Assign billing roles to subaccounts  
Create Google Cloud Billing accounts  
Assign permissions to Google Cloud Billing accounts  
Manage access to projects  
Create custom billing roles    


* Users with the Billing Account Administrator role on one or more of your reseller billing accounts are automatically granted the Google Cloud Reseller Admin role. 

Order Google Cloud

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Step 1: View your Google Cloud Billing accounts & assign Google Cloud Admin roles
  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console with your Cloud Identity or Google Workspace super administrator account.
  2. At the top, click Menu Menuand then Settings Settings.
  3. Click Reseller roles.
  4. Click the Down arrow to view your Google Cloud Billing accounts and Google Cloud Reseller Administrators.
  5. Click Add member.
  6. Enter a user or group email address.
  7. Select Google Cloud Reseller Administrator.
  8. Click Google Cloud Platform billing accounts.

    Note: All the Google Cloud Billing accounts are shown unchecked, regardless of the user or group's permissions in the Google Cloud console.

  1. Select at least one billing account and click Save. The user's permissions appear in the Partner Sales Console within a minute.

The role assignments also appear in the Google Cloud console Billing Account Administrator assignments.

Step 2: Create a customer account
  1. Permissions required: The GCP Reseller administrator role and the billing.accounts.close permission on your reseller parent Cloud Billing accounts. Learn more.
  2. On the Customers page, click Create customer.
  3. Add the customer's information:
    • Domain
    • Email: Contact address for the customer. For Google Cloud orders, no confirmation messages or communications are sent to this address. For Google Workspace and other services, the address is used as the primary administrator account.
    • Alternate address: Email address for receiving sign-in credentials for Google Workspace and other services that use the Google Admin console. For Google Cloud orders, no confirmation or communications are sent to this address.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click Purchase new service or click Close to place an order later.
Step 3: Order Google Cloud (creates subaccount)
Ordering Google Cloud creates a subaccount that's automatically connected to the customer. If you created a subaccount in the Google Cloud console, you can still connect it to a customer. Learn how.
  1. On the customer's account page, click New service.
  2. Next to Google Cloud Platform, click Select.
  3. Choose the primary billing account.
  4. (Optional). Edit the name of subaccount. By default, the name for a new subaccount is

    "Customer name - domain - incremental number of subaccounts"

    : Make a note of the subaccount name. Then you or your customer can identify the subaccount in the Google Cloud console.

Selecting a billing account


  1. Click Continue.
  2. Click Select plan. Google Cloud is offered with the Flexible Plan, which is based on resource usage per month.
  3. Click Confirm order.
  4. On the order confirmation page, click Manage permissions. You can also set and edit permissions later.
  5. Click Add member.
  6. Enter an email address, Google group, or service account.
  7. Select one or more roles. Learn about creating and assigning roles.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Notify user about their role, and the billing subaccount name and ID.
Step 4: Create a project billed to the subaccount
To let the customer create and link projects to the subaccount, assign the User role to the customer and share the name of the subaccount.
  1. Go to Google Cloud > Projects
  2. Add the information for the customer's project. In Billing Account, choose the billing subaccount you created in the Partner Sales Console.
  3. Click Create. Charges for the new project are billed to the subaccount.

After you create the project, you can create and manage resources (for example, create VMs, and use Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery).

Add your customer to the project

Let your customer manage resources by giving them a role on the project.

  1. In Google Cloud, go to the IAM page.
  2. Click the project drop-down list at the top of the page.
  3. Select the project. View the role (including custom roles) that you can grant to the member on this resource.
  4. Click Add. Enter the email address and choose the level of access.
FAQ & troubleshooting

I can’t move an existing project to a billing subaccount

To move a project, you need to be a project owner and a Billing Account User (or higher level) on the billing subaccount. You might contact the user who created the subaccount (the initial Billing Administrator) for assistance.

If I move an existing project to a billing subaccount, what happens with billing?

Any usage incurred before the move is included in the project’s previous billing account and not the subaccount.

I created a subaccount in the Google Cloud, but it doesn't appear in the Partner Sales Console.

Follow the steps to connect the subaccount to the customer (doesn't affect the subaccount's projects or permissions). Learn how

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