Link a Floodlight activity to app installs in Google Play

Track Android app installs on Google Play

Once you've linked a Google Play developer account to your advertiser's Floodlight configuration, you can track installs of apps that have resulted from your mobile app campaigns automatically—without needing to bother with setting up mobile Floodlight or any other third-party mobile tracking solution.

Create an app install Floodlight activity

Before you can select Google Play Installs as a Floodlight activity, you have to have link your advertiser's Floodlight configuration to your app developer's Google Play account.

  1. Start by navigating to your advertiser's Floodlight activities, then click New.

  2. In the page that opens, enter a name for the Floodlight activity, then turn on Play install tracking.

  3. Once Play install tracking is on, search for (and select) the Android app you want to track installs of. Please note, you can only create Floodlight activities for apps associated with the Google Play developer account you've linked your Floodlight configuration to.

  4. Campaign Manager 360 will automatically fill in the expected URL field with the URL of your app on the Google Play Store.

  5. Select an activity group for your Floodlight activity, then click Save once you're done creating your Floodlight activity.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When exactly is the conversion counted?
A conversion is recorded after the app has finished being installed on a user's Android device. 
Where are conversions reported?
View Play Store conversions in the summary tab, or a standard report. Play Store conversions aren't available in the Floodlight Basic report or Data Transfer files. 

Disable Play install tracking

After you've created a Floodlight activity that's linked to Google Play, you can disable this link anytime by turning off Play install tracking. Once Play install tracking is disabled, Play installs won't continue to be counted as conversions for your Floodlight activity. 

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