Traffic VPAID creatives in Campaign Manager 360

VPAID creatives overview

VPAID is a a rich media creative that is delivered as an additional media asset type within a VAST tag. VPAID is typically used for ad interactivity in a publisher’s in-stream video player. VPAID creatives can pause or mute the video player and bring up their own content, including interactive options. Similar to VAST, a publisher needs to be VPAID compliant in order to render VPAID assets correctly.

Campaign Manager 360 only supports linear VPAID creatives.

A linear VPAID creative appears by itself, not alongside publisher content. It can appear before, between, or after the publisher's video. For example, a VPAID linear creative might interrupt a publisher's cartoon to display a video commercial with interactive graphics overlaying the advertiser's video content. 


Get started in Campaign Manager 360

  • First get VPAID creatives from Studio. VPAID is a rich media creative, so you cannot upload it to Campaign Manager 360 manually. Instead, you must set up a connection between Campaign Manager 360 and Studio, called an advertiser association.

  • If your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser already has the VPAID creatives you need, start setting them up.

Studio and media planning

You can learn more about Rich Media in the Studio Help Center. This is particularly useful for Studio users.

Remember, you cannot upload rich media creatives to Campaign Manager 360. Instead, you’ll need to associate your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser with a Studio advertiser. Users in an associated Studio advertiser can push their rich media creatives to your creative library.

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