Manage advertisers

Edit advertiser properties

Click All advertisers in the left menu from the account level and select an advertiser to edit properties, or click New to set properties for a new advertiser.


Name: The advertiser name identifies your advertiser in Campaign Manager 360 and in your reports. It does not affect ad serving, Floodlight, or the advertiser ID, so you can update it at any time. Updates only change the name you see in your reports.

Status: Advertisers are set to Approved by default. If you're running any ads with your advertiser, leave it as approved.

To deactivate all the ads in an advertiser, select its checkbox and click Status > Set as on hold. When an advertiser is on hold, none of the ads in its campaigns can serve, though you can still edit campaigns and properties.Note that when you set an on-hold advertiser to approved, you have to manually reactivate all its ads.

Make sure you have no campaigns running in your advertiser before you set it on hold.

The Status is displayed only when you are editing an existing advertiser, not when you are creating or copying an advertiser.

Advertiser group: You can group advertisers for reporting purposes, allowing you to see aggregated information for all advertisers in each group. Learn more about advertiser groups

Benchmark opt-in: If you opt in to benchmarking, you can report on benchmark data. Campaign Manager 360 will anonymize your campaign data and use it for industry benchmark dimensions. Learn more about benchmarking

Advertiser vertical: The advertiser vertical categorizes an advertiser by their industry.

Subaccount: A subaccount is a fully functional Campaign Manager 360 account that belongs to a parent account. This field is editable only when you create a new advertiser. Learn more about subaccounts


To select a billing profile for a new advertiser, click Select billing profile. You can choose the suggested (default) billing profile or browse all other available billing profiles.

Once you’ve selected a billing profile, click Apply, then click Save. To see a full list of advertisers assigned to the selected billing profile, click +_more… in the preview card.

Note that only "Account management: full access” and “Advertiser management: full access" user roles can select and edit billing profiles. A user without these permissions can view a billing profile but not select or edit it.

Choosing an incorrect billing profile can cause significant delays in billing. If you’re unsure of the correct profile, please check with your company's billing contact before proceeding.

Landing page URL suffix

Here you can enter a suffix to be appended to the landing page URL of ads in all the campaigns in this advertiser. You can change this suffix for particular campaigns or ads at the campaign or ad level. Learn more

Dynamic targeting keys

Dynamic targeting keys are unique, friendly labels that can be assigned to ads, creatives and placements and used for targeting with Studio dynamic creatives. Use these labels to save time and avoid the errors that may arise when you use numeric Campaign Manager 360 IDs (such as placement IDs) in your dynamic feeds.

To add a targeting key, click New targeting key. Learn more about dynamic targeting keys

Event tags

Event tags allow parties outside Campaign Manager 360 to log information about impressions and clicks on your ads. You can create event tags in your advertiser or campaign and choose whether to apply them automatically to your ads or require they be added manually. Learn more

Creative groups

This is a way to group your advertiser's creatives with your own labels. These groups can be shared across all campaigns in your advertiser. Any creative can belong to a maximum of two groups. Here are two uses of creative groups:

  • Use creative groups to quickly assign a particular group of creatives to your campaign. You can also assign up to two groups to an ad at once.

  • Generate reports that show performance data by creative group.

To add a creative group, click New creative group. See "Creative groups" in campaign properties for more information about adding creative groups to your campaigns.

Creative groups cannot be deleted. You can add or remove creatives from a group in ad-creative assignment


Set up associations between your advertiser and other accounts.

Studio: A Studio association is an association between your advertiser and an advertiser in Studio. Studio advertisers can send copies of Rich Media creatives to your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. This is the only way to get Rich Media creatives in Campaign Manager 360, or to get certain kinds of updates. Learn to associate advertisers 

Third-party measurement 

Select your third-party measurement partner. After the partner approves, you can automatically apply tag wrappers to your placement tags.


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