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Rich media creatives overview

Rich media creatives are built in Studio. These creatives use HTML5 to give ads complex features: rich media creatives can play videos, support multiple interactions, expand or float across the page, and engage users with other effects. Assign rich media creatives to standard ads.

When you use rich media creatives, you can also track how users interact with these features. For example, you might track the number of times an ad is expanded, which interactions are popular, or how many times a video is watched until the end.

Get started with rich media in Campaign Manager

Use this guide to learn how to traffic rich media creatives in Campaign Manager.

Learn about rich media and Studio

You can learn more about rich media in the Studio Help Center. This is particularly useful for Studio users.

Remember, you cannot upload rich media creatives to Campaign Manager. Instead, you’ll need to associate your Campaign Manager advertiser with a Studio advertiser. Users in an associated Studio advertiser can push their rich media creatives to your creative library.
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