Traffic rich media creatives

Rich media creatives overview

Rich media creatives can be built in Studio or Google Web Designer, or uploaded directly (rich media banners only). These creatives use HTML5 to give ads complex features: rich media creatives can play videos, support multiple interactions, expand or float across the page, and engage users with other effects.

When you use rich media creatives, you can also track how users interact with these features. For example, you might track the number of times an ad is expanded, which interactions are popular, or how many times a video is watched until the end.

You can assign rich media creatives to standard ads.

What makes a creative rich media?
Rich media creatives:
  • Use Studio's Enabler to trigger exit events instead of click tags
  • Can include rich media components, such as video, 3D objects, browser scrolling detection, viewport detection
  • Can include Google Web Designer's parallax, swirl, or live stream components
  • Can expand in size or expand to fullscreen

Before you get started

You can upload rich media banners directly to Campaign Manager 360. To use advanced rich media features, you'll need to associate your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser with a Studio advertiser so you can receive creatives. Users in an associated Studio advertiser can then push their rich media creatives to your creative library.

Creative types you can build in Studio:

  • Banner
  • Expanding
  • Interstitial
  • Dynamic

Add rich media creatives to your campaign

Learn how to add Studio creatives to your campaign or upload rich media banner creatives.

Set up and serve rich media

About rich media and Studio

You can learn more about rich media in the Studio Help Center. This is particularly useful for Studio users.

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