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Benchmark dimensions are not yet available in Campaign Manager 360, but you can now opt in or opt out advertisers for benchmarking. In June 2023, most Campaign Manager 360 advertisers were automatically opted in to benchmarking.

Industry benchmarking provides valuable context on how your campaign performance compares to that of your industry vertical. With this information, you can more accurately evaluate your performance against aggregate vertical performance and identify ways to optimize your campaigns. 

How benchmarking works

To get access to industry benchmark dimensions, you need to opt in to benchmarking and specify your advertiser’s vertical. Most Campaign Manager 360 advertisers were automatically opted in to benchmarking. You can opt in or out of benchmarking by editing your advertiser properties. Learn more about editing advertiser properties.

How Campaign Manager 360 calculates benchmark dimensions

Campaign Manager 360 collects and removes personal information from advertisers that have opted in to benchmarking. The data is then categorized into verticals that represent different industries. 

In Report Builder, you can use the benchmark dimensions to compare with other advertisers in your vertical. When an advertiser opts in, the advertiser can report on benchmark days up to 90 days before the date they opted in. 

Opting out of benchmarking

When an advertiser is opted out of benchmarking, Campaign Manager 360 stops collecting that advertiser’s data for benchmark dimensions and the advertiser will no longer be able to report on benchmark dimensions. Any advertiser information used for benchmark dimensions while the advertiser was opted in will not be removed from Report Editor.  

Data requirements for benchmark dimensions

Campaign Manager 360 values the privacy of its advertisers. To protect data privacy, the benchmark dimensions will only provide data if there is a minimum amount of performance data and a minimum number of advertisers participating in benchmarking. If the data for a vertical or location does not meet this minimum, then benchmark dimensions will show “N/A”. 

The data requirements include:

  • At least 5 participating advertisers for each vertical, geographical area, and ad type.
  • A single advertiser’s impressions can not make up more than 50% of the total impression pool for the last 14 days.
  • Two advertisers’ impressions can not make up more than 80% of the total impression pool for the last 14 days.  
  • Data from advertisers in the "Finance" or "Healthcare" verticals will not be collected or used for benchmark dimensions.
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