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Whi is my calendar auto declining events from one particular person? I have never set auto decline. Hello, when I get invited to events, my calendar is auto declining events from one particular person…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 32 Upvotes
Soccer League Calendars missing! on the list of "calendars of interest" under the "sports" header, there is nothing listed for "socce…
0 Recommended Answers 32 Replies 226 Upvotes
How do I remove background images from my calendar - like the image of Christmas Party with alcohol? I have tried looking through the settings and web searches, but I cannot find anything that would al… iCloud subscribed calendar NOT updating in Google calendar I am trying to set up my apple/icloud calendars to sync to my google calendar. The initial sync look…
0 Recommended Answers 66 Replies 188 Upvotes
How to set shared google calendar "other calendars" to use same event colors as the origin? Currently, if you share a calendar, the calendar is assigned a color that can be changed. Why is thi…
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 45 Upvotes
why no smooth vertical scrolling in calendar month or multi-week view? Tearing my hair out. Please refer to: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/8l4Wyj…
0 Recommended Answers 62 Replies 221 Upvotes
can't add or change events on calendar I can't add or change events on google calendar. Sometimes I can't move from week to week. I log out…
0 Recommended Answers 67 Replies 181 Upvotes
i can't edit my calendar events anymore, if I click on the edit icon (pen), nothing happens nothing, just what used to work before: click on the edit icon cannot edit calendar event I created a Google calendar event using the Gmail calendar app. But when I tried to edit the event i…
0 Recommended Answers 24 Replies 174 Upvotes
Why I'm not receiving calendar invites to my Gmail? Hello, For the last few weeks, I have not been receiving calendar event invites to my Gmail. If the …
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 43 Upvotes
I want to view my google calendar in the chrome browser and not use the calendar app I want the default action when I click on the google calendar app to be the calendar view in chrome …
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 7 Upvotes
I can't upload an ics or csv file to my calender. I want toupload my ics file that i usualy upload every year with my schedule. Howerver this year i c… change default calendar I am trying to change the default calendar that new appointments automatically goes into, to one of …
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