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How can i transfer tasks from "google tasks" to my "google calendar"? The only thing that I am doing so far is first writing all of the tasks in "google tasks", and the w… Why won't my tasks I create in google via the calendar, Save to my personal calendar on my phone? I have synced my accounts numerous times. Also I have googled my question. How do I eliminate the color dots and return to the color bars Get rid of the color dots and turn them into colored bars for the specific event "Oops, we couldn't update this event. Please try again in a few minutes" Want to update or edit calendar entried I have one deleted event that keeps reappearing no matter how many times I delete it. I am trying to delete a recurring event, but it keeps reappearing. I've tried from gmail directly, f… How do I disable automatic decline of meeting requests (when there is a calendar conflict)? I can't find the disable feature anymore (since the recent changes in GCalendar) and none of the old… Users cannot access event attachments in a shared Google Calendar Hi! We have a shared Calendar at work. When I upload an attachment to an event in the calendar, peop… Meeting invites outside Work Hours not auto-warning person making the invitation I have turned on Work Schedule in Google Calendar, so if I get a meeting invite outside of my workin… How do I remove background images from my calendar - like the image of Christmas Party with alcohol? I have tried looking through the settings and web searches, but I cannot find anything that would al… Calendar invites not allowing me to accept I have one gmail account that cannot accept calendar invites, nor see their details. I have tried re…
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HELP NEEDED. "Oops, we couldn't create this event, please try again in a few minutes" error I am trying to add events to my calendar and keep getting "Oops, we couldn't create this event, plea…
0 Recommended Answers 49 Replies 240 Upvotes
Display "All Day" or "Multiple Day" events on my timeline Hello there! I would like the option of seeing my "all day" or "multiple day" events on my actual ti… Hate new calendar, can't see all events without pressing "2 more" I hate how google keeps changing their app to "look nicer" but lose functionality. Are you really te… change my default calendar I have two Google accounts. I need to change my default calendar because I share it on 2 Android pho…
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Do not see the "appointment slots" option in events. I am trying to set up a reservation calendar for our school computer labs. I do not see the "appoint…
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why no smooth vertical scrolling in calendar month or multi-week view? Tearing my hair out. Please refer to: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/8l4Wyj… i can't edit my calendar events anymore, if I click on the edit icon (pen), nothing happens nothing, just what used to work before: click on the edit icon Daylight savings time in march 2019 is changing times in rest of year back one hour I am setting up recurring events for the 2019 year. Everything is fine until after Daylight savings … Soccer League Calendars missing! on the list of "calendars of interest" under the "sports" header, there is nothing listed for "socce… facebook calender sync option not working on goole I am trying to sync my facebook appointments to google calender. and that is not working.
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