Add or remove a video conference from your Calendar event

You can add or remove a video conference to your Calendar events.

  1. On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. Create an event or open an existing event you have edit access to.
  3. If you create a new event, click More options.
  4. If you’re editing an existing event, click Edit Edit.
  5. Find the conferencing field in the Calendar event.
  6. To remove an existing video conference, click Remove Close.
  7. To add a new conference, click Add Google Meet video conferencing.
    Tip: To make sure you don't join a meeting with an expired code and to better plan for the future meetings you create, check when meeting codes expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.
  8. If you have enabled a conferencing Add-on, select the conferencing provider from the “Add conferencing” dropdown menu.
  9. Click Save.


I want to use a different conferencing solution

You can install other video conferencing solutions to use with Google Calendar. Once installed these solutions will appear as options when manually adding video conferencing to your Google Calendar events.

I want to avoid multiple conferences on single events

There can only be a single conference attached to the conferencing field of a Google Calendar event. This conference can either be Google Meet conference or a conference from an installed conferencing Add-on.

You can install supported conferencing Add-ons via the Google Workspace Marketplace to use with Google Calendar.  Once installed, these solutions will appear as options in the conferencing field dropdown when manually adding conferencing to your Google Calendar events. 

Using mechanisms other than the conferencing field to attach conferencing details (for example: inserting conference details directly into location fields, event descriptions, via browser extensions, etc) to Google Calendar events may result in more than one conference being attached to a single event.  


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