Respond to event invitations

You can RSVP to calendar invitations to let people know if you're going to an event. When people invite you to an event using Google Calendar, the event will automatically appear on your calendar.

How to RSVP

  1. Open the invitation email, or the event that was added to your calendar.
  2. In the Going? section, select Yes, No, or Maybe.

Change your response

  1. Select the event on your calendar.
  2. In the Going? section, change your response to Yes, No, or Maybe.

If you're using a computer to view the event details page, click the Add a note or change your response link at the top of the page under "Save."

Forwarding invitations

Instead of forwarding, guests should be invited to the event using Google Calendar. Learn how to invite guests to your event.

Important: You should not forward calendar invitation emails to other people or respond to invitations that were forwarded to you. If you forward an invitation, the recipient could change your RSVP response.

Forwarding from an alternate address

Allow forwarding from your alternate address

You can respond to events forwarded from your alternate email address.

  1. Open Google Calendar on a computer.
  2. In the top right, click the Settings menu settings gear button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Calendars at the top.
  5. Find your main calendar listed at the top and click Edit notifications on the right.
  6. At the bottom, find the Alternate email address section and check the box for "Allow me to respond to event invitations forwarded from these addresses."

You'll only see this setting if you have an alternate address.

After you turn on this setting, you can use your Google Account to respond to event invitations forwarded from your alternate email address. Event responses will display as coming from your Google Account, not the alternate email address which was originally invited to the event.


On mobile, you can change your settings to hide events you've declined.

On a computer, you can choose whether to automatically add invitations or hide events you've declined.

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