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The option to schedule calendar resources is only available for admins and users of Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education accounts. In addition, it's currently not possible to schedule calendar resources using third party calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

To find and reserve a conference room:

  1. Log in to your calendar at
  2. Open the meeting details:
    • If this is a new meeting, create the meeting by clicking on a time in your calendar, and then click Edit event details.
    • If this is an existing meeting, click on the name of the meeting in your calendar.
  3. Add meeting invitees by entering their email addresses in the Add: Guests box on the right.
  4. Click the Rooms, etc. link to add a room or other resource. Scroll through the list of rooms, or type in a search term.
Learn how to use the Find a time scheduling tool here.

For example, by typing:

  • US into the Filter room box you can list all the rooms in your US offices. Note: This example assumes that the admin has created resources names that start with US.
  • US-12 you can list all the rooms in building 12 of your US offices. Again, this assumes that resources were created with this name scheme.
  • US-12-2 you can list all the rooms on the second floor.

Once you select a room and click the Add link, the room is added to the Added area along with the other invitees.

Note: Wildcards don't work when searching for rooms. However, you can search for partial names. For example, a search for cag will turn up room names like Chicago.

Some examples of conference room names:

  • US-12-2-Chicago (12) - This mean US office, building 12, room 2, room called Chicago, room large enough for 12 people.
  • ART-3-32 (50) VC - This means ART building, third floor, room 32, large enough for 50 guest, equipped with video conferencing.
Does your resource calendar always decline your events, even when it appears to be free? Ask your administrator to change the sharing options for the resource to See all event details or to give you specific permission to book the resource. Also note that for recurring events the resource must be available for at least 1/3 of the events and can't be unavailable for more than 5 instances of the recurring event. See Why do resources reject my invitations to learn more.

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