Add a business opening date

If your business hasn’t opened yet, you can create a Business Profile on Google to let your community know when your business will open at the given address. Set your future opening date, engage with customers and announce when and where you open for business.

Tip: Businesses that are already open can add the date that they opened.

Create a Business Profile and verify later

To make sure that your business doesn’t falsely show up as open, set your future opening date before your verify. When you create your Business Profile, you can choose the 'Verify later' option when you're asked to verify.

Important: For bulk verified accounts, it’s especially important to set the future opening date before verification, because these are instantly verified.

  1. Create your Business Profile.
  2. When you’re asked to verify, select More options.
  3. Under 'Verify later', select Later.

Set your opening date

Only the year and month of your opening date are required. You can enter a date up to one year in the future.

After you enter the date and verify your business, your profile shows up on Google 90 days prior to your opening date.

  1. Select Edit profile and then Business information.
    • Tip: On your desktop, with Google Search, select Edit Profile.
  2. Next to 'Opening date', select the pencil icon Edit.
  3. Enter the required fields.
  4. Select Save.

Engage with customers

You can engage with your community 90 days before your opening date. To create relationships with customers, you can use Business Profile features:

  • Create posts: With a post you can announce your opening, keep customers updated on your business and share an opening day discount or coupon.
  • Add photos: Photos of your location can keep the community up to date with the progress of your shop from construction to opening day.
  • Include a merchant description: Explain what your business is all about, and let the community learn about your business straight from the source.

 Once your business opens, your profile will show a 'Recently opened' tag on Google for 90 days.

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