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About Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile makes it easy for customers to find and connect with your business when they’re using Google Search and Maps. When you create and verify a Business Profile, you can manage how your  business appears on Google to make a great first impression and keep your info up-to-date. As people find you on Google, you’ll gain insights on customer behavior and learn how they’re discovering and interacting with your business.

Using a third party

Business Profile gives you tools that can help your business succeed, but sometimes running a business doesn’t leave you enough time to establish and maintain a successful Business Profile. If you need a helping hand or want some expert advice, you may choose to work with a third party. There are many third parties to choose from, ranging from large companies that manage hundreds of customers to individual web consultants.

How to work with a third party

Although Business Profile is a tool that can be used at no charge, third parties often charge a fee to manage your profile. They can provide valuable services like keeping your profile up-to-date, providing you with customer insights, answering your questions, and responding to reviews. It’s important to understand the benefits that you may be get from a third party so that you can evaluate whether or not you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Here are five best practices for selecting and working with a third party:

  1. Be selective. Ask these questions when selecting a third party to work with:
    • Has it managed Business Profiles before?
    • Has it managed businesses with similar budgets or target audiences?
    • What other services can it provide to grow your business?
  2. Work with one at a time. You may be tempted to divide your budget among multiple third parties to see which one drives the best results, but keep in mind that it’s best to test them one at a time. Your business can only appear once on Google, so it’s difficult to test multiple third parties at once.
  3. Educate yourself.  It doesn’t take much time to get up to speed with how Business Profile works and understand how to use its features. Review the resources and FAQs for a basic introduction to Business Profile, then explore the Help Center to find answers to specific questions. Understanding how Business Profile works will help you make more informed decisions when working with a third party.
  4. Trust experience. Companies that have managed hundreds of businesses on Google are more likely to have expertise with Business Profile. Before you hire a third party, talk to its staff members to understand their previous experience managing businesses on Google.
  5. Evaluate your performance. You can find a wide range of insights in your Business Profile account that can give you info about how customers are finding and interacting with your business on Google. Spend time each month reviewing your profile's performance and evaluating the results you’re getting from working with a third party. Check for things like updated photos and current business hours, as well as changes in how customers are discovering your business online.

Deceptive behavior

Many third parties represent the best interests of their clients, but some third parties are less reputable. Here’s a list of red flags to watch out for when selecting and working a third party:

  • Not being transparent. You have a right to know how users are interacting with your business, including specific data (like the number of views and clicks on your Business Profile).
  • Guaranteeing placement on Google. It's not possible for third parties to influence the order in which your business appears on Google Search or Maps. Learn more about local search ranking.
  • Claiming to work for Google. If a third party representative claims to be employed by Google, ask for their name and request that they email you from their (not email address.
  • Making threats. Third parties can’t remove your business from Google or access your profile without your explicit permission.
  • Deceptive pricing. Malicious third parties may not charge you using the pricing you agreed to. Always get an official copy of your agreement before working with a third party.

Report a violation of third-party policy

Think a third-party partner is violating the policy? Let us know: Report a violation of third-party policy.

While we may not respond personally when you contact us about a third party, we will investigate your comments and, if necessary, take appropriate action.

Get help from Small Business Advisors

Want to receive one-on-one guidance and tailored recommendations on how to make the most out of your Business Profile? Try booking an appointment with Small Business Advisors.

Important: This service cannot troubleshoot issues, including Business Profile verification or suspension, or Google Ads billing.

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