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Known issue: You can't update hotel attributes through the spreadsheet upload. To update hotel attributes, use the API and dashboard. Learn more about Business Profile API.

The bulk upload spreadsheet supports a general address format, so you can verify your locations in many countries/regions.

Enter the address information for each location using the official postal address format for its region. Depending on the region, address formats can vary widely. Some fields will be required, optional, or not used at all. For example, administrative area is required in Australia, optional in Portugal, and not used in France. Address line 1 and country/region are always required. 

You’ll be notified if you need to correct any fields that are missing required information, or contain incorrect information for the location’s region.

You can manage an individual profile on Search and Maps. To manage multiple profiles in bulk at once, you can use Business Profile Manager. If you want to add another profile, on Google Search, select the three-dot menu and then Add a new Business Profile

Example addresses
Address line 1: 1599 Amphitheatre Parkway
Locality: Mountain View
Administrative area: CA
Country/Region: US
Postal code: 94043


Address line 1: Avenida Paulista, 358
Sub-locality: Bela Vista
Locality: São Paulo
Administrative area: SP
Country/Region: BR
Postal code: 01310-000


Address line 1: 札幌市中央区北4条西4−2
Administrative area: 北海道
Country/Region: JP
Postal code: 060-0004

To see additional examples of international addresses:

  1. Sign in to Business Profile Manager and choose the account you would like to manage.
  2. Click the create icon FAB Add Button in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Click Import locations Import locations from a file. 
  4. Click Spreadsheet Download sample spreadsheet.

Refer to the guidelines below to determine what you should enter into each field of the spreadsheet:

Expand all Collapse all Address lines
You can have up to 5 address lines per location, but only the first line is required. 

All necessary address information that doesn't fit into the other fields listed below. For most countries/regions, the first line will include a street number and street name. Suite numbers, floors, building numbers, etc. may also be included.

Note: Japan addresses should include all information except prefecture and postal code in the address line fields.

Information like cross-streets and nearby landmarks should only be included in regions where the official street address doesn’t accurately pinpoint the business's location.

You can have up to 5 address lines for each location (maximum 80 characters per line). Learn more about address entry guidelines.


  • 678 Lafayette Ave
    Suite 2B
  • Graha Bumi Surabaya Lt. V
    Jl. Basuki Rahmat no.106 - 128
  • 雨竜郡秩父別町秩父別4105
Sub-localities are not required. They're not used for locations in most countries/regions, such as Japan.

The neighborhood where the business is located. A neighborhood is smaller than a locality (city). (Maximum 80 characters)

For the specific terms used for sub-localities in different countries/regions, refer to the table below.

Term Country/Region
District South Korea
Local government area Nigeria
Neighborhood Brazil
Suburb New Zealand
South Africa
Tambon/Khwaeng Thailand
Townland Ireland
Village/Township Malaysia

  • Asa norte (Brazil)
  • Bundang-gu (South Korea)
  • Centro (Mexico)
Localities are required for locations in most countries/regions. For certain countries/regions they're optional and others, like Japan, don't use them at all. 

The city or town where the business is located. In rare cases this may not be the city itself, if the local postal format uses an alternative (e.g. if your business location is in Brooklyn, then “Brooklyn” is listed as the locality instead of “New York City”). (Maximum 80 characters) 

For the specific terms used for localities in different countries/regions, refer to the table below.

Term Country/Region
Amphoe/Khet Thailand
City Various countries/regions
District Hong Kong
Post town Norway
United Kingdom
Suburb Australia

  • Chicago (United States)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • London (United Kingdom)
Administrative area
Administrative areas may be required, optional, or not used for locations, depending on the country/region. 

The state or province where the business is located. Enter the full name (e.g. "California"), common postal abbreviation (e.g. "CA"), or subdivision (ISO 3166-2) code (e.g. "US-CA"). (Maximum 80 characters)

Requirements for this field can vary by language and country/region, so you may need to try entering different variations of your administrative area before it’s accepted. If you encounter errors, try entering your administrative area using:

  • A different option listed above. For example, if the full name is not accepted, try using the common postal abbreviation or the ISO 3166-2 code. 
  • An alternative spelling of the full name. 
  • A different local language.
  • Latin script. For example, if your local language is written in a script like Cyrillic or Kanji, try entering the administrative area name using Latin script.

For the specific terms used for administrative areas in different countries/regions, refer to the table below.

Term Country/Region
Area Hong Kong
County Ireland
Department Colombia
District Nauru
Do/Si South Korea
Emirate United Arab Emirates
Island Various countries/regions
Oblast Russia
Parish Barbados
Prefecture Japan
Province Various countries/regions
State Various countries/regions

  • California (United States)
  • Ontario (Canada)
  • Uttar Pradesh (India)
Postal code
Postal code requirements vary widely by country/region and may be required, optional, or not used. 

The postal code of the business. If the postal code begins with zero, make sure that your spreadsheet formatting doesn't automatically remove the zero as the first digit.

For the specific terms used for postal codes in different countries/regions, refer to the table below.

Term Country/Region
Eircode Ireland
Pincode India
Postal code Various countries/regions
ZIP code United States
Country/Region is required for all locations. 

The country or region where the business is located. Enter the full name, or use the two-letter code (ISO 3166-1). See the list of all countries/regions that Google Business Profile supports

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