Add and remove managers of individual bulk locations


To add or remove managers for multiple locations, follow these steps to transfer the locations to a business account. The steps below describe how to add a manager to a single location.

Managers of locations will appear in the status column as a manager icon in your account:

  • Grey manager icons indicate that you are a manager on a location you do not own.
  • Orange manager icons indicate ownership of a location.

View managers of individual locations

If you click on manager icon, you can see who is managing a location.

This page displays all the active managers as well as people who have been invited to become managers. When a manager invitation is accepted, the owner of the page will be notified via email. The owner and all managers can view the names and email addresses listed on this page.

Note: Only an owner can add or remove managers for a page. However, a manager may remove himself or herself from a page.

Add managers

To add a manager or communications manager to a location:

  1. Visit Google My Business Locations
  2. Choose the location from the location list
  3. Click Add managers 
  4. Enter the email address or Google+ profile of the new manager
  5. Click Invite

You can cancel pending invitations by clicking the X in the row with the invitation you want to remove.

Important: You may receive email communications from managers requesting to be added. If you do not wish to add managers, please reply to these email requests to let them know how to best coordinate updates to business information.

Remove managers

To remove a manager, or remove yourself as a manager of a location if you are not the owner:

  1. Visit Google My Business Locations.
  2. Choose the location from the location list.
  3. Click Add managers.
  4. Click the X associated with the person you'd like to remove.

When a manager is removed, both the former manager and the location owner will be notified and told who removed them.

When you remove a manager, they’ll no longer be able to act as that page, or take any kind of administrative actions. However, all of that manager’s past posts, comments, and other actions will remain intact.