Fix suspended Business Profiles

We may take action on Business Profiles and user accounts that violate our Guidelines for representing your business on Google.

Important: As a precaution in light of COVID-19, we're operating with a limited team. It may take longer than usual to connect with us. We recommend our Help Community and YouTube Channel. Thank you for your patience.

Fix a suspended profile

Important: To avoid delays, submit only one reinstatement request per account.

  1. Review the Google My Business guidelines.
  2. Sign in to Google My Business, then review your profile to comply with the guidelines.
  3. Once you’re sure that your locations comply with our guidelines, you can request for their reinstatement.
I submitted a reinstatement request & haven’t heard back yet
The majority of requests are reviewed, investigated and resolved within three working days. If it’s been more than three working days since you submitted a request for reinstatement, contact us. Then, we’ll investigate the issue for you.
My reinstatement request was denied, but I believe my business is eligible
If you believe your reinstatement request was incorrectly denied, contact us with a justification to help verify your business’s eligibility. If possible, include shop front images and a summary of how your business operates so that we can escalate your profile.
My profile has already been reinstated but I still have questions or issues with it

We can’t provide specific reasons why your Business Profile may be disabled. If you have issues with your profile post-reinstatement, contact us with more information about what those issues are and we’ll investigate further.

What happens if we remove a profile

If we remove a profile, the public can no longer access the profile. The owner and managers can't take actions on its behalf, though they can appeal to have the profile reinstated. If the profile is reinstated, we'll also reinstate the owner and managers.

If we remove the owner’s Google Account, we also remove all the locations owned by that user. If we reinstate the owner’s Google Account, we'll also reinstate the locations.

If we remove a manager’s Google Account, we suspend the manager on the accounts that they manage, but the locations aren’t affected. If we reinstate the manager’s Google Account, the manager will automatically regain managerial access to the locations.

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