Transfer ownership of a page

Only the owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights. If you don't have any managers, you must first invite the person to become a manager, then wait for them to accept their invitation.

Note: The person you transfer ownership to must be an existing manager of the page for at least one day.

To change who owns a page:
  1. Log in to Google My Business and choose the page you’d like to manage.
  2. Choose My Business > Settings from the left-hand navigation ribbon.
  3. Click the Managers tab in the top navigation menu.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow on the person's card and select Transfer ownership to name_of_manager. You'll only see the arrow if you're the owner of the page.

When an owner transfers ownership to someone else, the old owner automatically becomes a manager of the page. The transfer of ownership happens immediately – no confirmation is necessary from the new owner.

Please note that switching ownership of the page does not switch the ownership of other Google services linked to the page.