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Owners of Business Profiles can invite additional users to become owners and managers. Each person can have their own access without sharing sign-in information.  Owners, managers, and site managers all have different levels of access to the profile.

Only owners can add or remove users. But managers can remove themselves from a profile. Google Groups can’t be added as managers or owners.

How it works

There are 3 types of Google My Business users: Owners, managers, and site managers.

  • Owners: Each profile can have multiple owners, but only one primary owner. Owners and primary owners have the same capabilities, but a primary owner can’t remove themselves from a profile until they transfer their primary ownership to another user. 
  • Managers: Managers have most of the capabilities of an owner, but don’t have the more sensitive capabilities, like removing the profile or managing users.
  • Site managers: Site managers have most of the capabilities of a manager, but can’t edit all business information. A site manager can request to upgrade to a manager or owner of a verified listing. The owner can approve or deny the request.

To see a summary of the different capabilities of each type of user, view the chart below:

Capability Owner Manager Site manager
Add and remove users checkmark    
Remove Business Profiles checkmark    
Edit all URLs  checkmark checkmark  
Accept all Google updates checkmark checkmark  
Opt in or out of Bookings checkmark checkmark  
Update certain location settings
  • Edit the name, category, or website on
    a location
  • Close a location
  • Create location groups
checkmark checkmark  
Manage Google Ads account links checkmark checkmark  
Use Messaging checkmark checkmark  
Add custom labels to make it easy to find
particular groups of locations
checkmark checkmark  
Edit attributes checkmark checkmark checkmark
Edit food delivery link checkmark checkmark checkmark

Edit some main business info (e.g. hours and 

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Edit phone number checkmark checkmark  
Edit services checkmark checkmark  
Create, manage, and publish posts checkmark checkmark checkmark
Add, delete, and edit cover photos and additional photos checkmark checkmark checkmark
Add, delete, and edit logos checkmark checkmark  
Respond to reviews checkmark checkmark checkmark
Download insights checkmark checkmark checkmark

Add users to a profile

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google My Business app.
    • If you have multiple locations, open the location you'd like to manage. 
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Manage users.
  3. At the top right, tap Add user Add.
  4. Enter the name or email address of the user you'd like to add.
    Note: To add an agency to your location, you need to add the agency's location group ID here. (You might need to reach out to the agency and ask for this ID.)
  5. Select the user’s role by choosing Owner, Manager, or Site manager.
  6. Confirm the email address, then tap Send.

This page displays all active users, as well as people who are invited to become users. To cancel pending invitations, next to the invitation you want to remove, tap More More and then Remove Remove.

When an invitation is accepted, the owners of the profile are notified through email. All users in the account can view the names and email addresses of the owners and managers of the profile.

Tip: If you want to transfer ownership of your profile to someone else, you can learn how to transfer ownership of a profile.

Remove owners and managers

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google My Business app.
    • If you have multiple locations, open the location you'd like to manage. 
  2. On the left, tap Users
  3. Next to the person you'd like to remove,  tap More More and then Remove Remove.

When a user is removed, they’re notified through email. They will no longer be able to edit business information or take any administrative actions for the profile. But all their past responses to reviews, posts, comments, and other actions will remain.

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