What happens to your edits

Edits that you make to your verified business information may be subject to review to ensure they follow the quality guidelines for pages as well as the Google+ content policy. Because of this, your changes may not be reflected immediately.

After you’ve saved your changes, three things can happen:

  • Some edits may be accepted
  • Some edits may be pending review
  • Some edits may not be accepted

Pending edits

If any of your edits are pending review, you’ll see a banner displaying the message "Some updates to this page may take up to 3 days to go live" at the top of your dashboard editor.

The fields that are pending review will display a Pending status within the field.

Unaccepted edits

Edits may be reviewed for quality before publishing, so at times you may find that we haven't accepted some of your edits. If this happens, you’ll see the status "We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data" at the top of your dashboard editor.

The fields which haven’t been accepted will display with an updated status within the field. We will also show you this status update if your business information is updated from other sources.

Updates by Google

You may notice updates to your business information that you didn’t make. Google receives data about businesses from many different sources, including you. Users of Google Maps and Search, algorithms, and even Google employees—who spend time carefully checking our data—also contribute information.

We’ll let you know when we’ve updated your business information with a message that says, “Your business information was updated based on user reports and other data” or something similar. Click OK or, on mobile, tap the notification to dismiss it. You can continue to edit your information as usual.

If you believe your business information on Google is incorrect, click here to contact us for help.

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