Can't find a business on Google

By creating a Google My Business listing, your business information can show up in Maps, Search and other Google properties.

If you’ve already created a listing, there are a few common reasons why you may not see your business on Maps and Search:

  1. Your business isn't verified.

    The business information that you provide us with won’t be eligible to appear on Google until you have verified your business by following these instructions.

  2. Your business appears on Google Maps, but doesn’t always appear in search results.

    Your business information's placement in search results will vary, but having correct, comprehensive and up-to-date business information is the most effective way to ensure the best possible ranking.

    Find out more about ranking and search results and how Google uses business information.

  3. You recently added or edited your business information.

    Our search results are based on algorithms that take a wide range of factors into account. When you make changes to your business information, it may shift that balance a bit. Your changes may take up to three days to appear.

    You should still be able to find your business after making edits by searching for it by name on Google Maps.

  4. Your business information doesn’t comply with our guidelines.

    Following these guidelines helps to avoid common problems, including changes to your information or, in some cases, removal of your business information from Google.

    You’ll know that you’ve violated the guidelines if you see a message on your Google My Business dashboard informing you that your business information has been disabled or suspended. Once you’re sure that your business is following these guidelines, contact us for help with getting your business information live.​ 

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