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Fix issues with the product reader or Local Inventory app

Important: This service was previously called Pointy, and it's now fully integrated into Google. The Pointy box is now the product reader, and the Pointy app is now the Local Inventory app.

If you have issues with your product reader or Local Inventory app, go to the relevant content below for troubleshooting information. You can also contact us for help.

Fix issues with the Local Inventory app

Your products should show on your Business Profile within 2 weeks if you:

  • Install the Local Inventory app on a compatible point of sale (POS) system. Check the list of compatible POS systems.
  • Ensure that your product inventory is up to date in your POS.
  • Make sure there is a UPC/EAN barcode associated with each product listed in your POS.

Tip: If your products haven’t been added to your Business Profile, or they were added but have since disappeared, refer to the next section.

Fix issues with products not showing

There can be issues with the installation of the Local Inventory app. If your products don’t show, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your POS.

Add UPC barcodes to your POS

To integrate with your POS, the app collects your product barcode numbers and finds an image and description to match each one. For the app to work well, your POS inventory must have associated barcode numbers. These barcodes must be manufacturer barcodes (UPC or EAN codes) rather than codes you've created yourself.

Sometimes, you must add your UPC/EAN barcodes to your POS. Refer to your POS provider for more information.

If you added your products and reinstalled the app, go to the Help Center of your POS provider for further assistance.

Fix issues with the product reader

Restart your POS or barcode scanner

If your POS or barcode scanner isn't working properly, restart your POS. Make sure you know your sign-in codes and passwords. If the issue persists:

  1. Use a different USB port. The product reader usually works better when connected from the back USB port. The reader also won't work properly from USB hubs or extensions.
  2. Use the spare cable provided with the package. If you connected the product reader with the longer cord, try the short cord. If you had the short cord already connected, try the longer cord instead.
  3. Check the connections. Make sure to remove any adapters between the barcode scanner, product reader, and the POS.

Tip: If you install a non-USB connection, make sure to remove any extra adaptors between the barcode scanner, product reader, and the POS.

Learn about product reader status lights

Understand status lights
  • Solid green light: The product reader is connected to the mobile network and ready to transmit barcodes.
  • Blinking green light: The product reader is searching for a mobile network. This process is automated and may happen several times during the day.
  • Blinking purple light: The product reader is charging and will connect to the network when it’s ready.
  • No light: The product reader has no power. Double check the connections.
Fix an offline product reader

If you connected the product reader properly, and the solid green light hasn’t turned on after 30 minutes:

  1. Move the product reader so it’s on top of the store’s counter or desk. 
    Tip: If needed, secure it with the included VELCRO® strip.
  1. Make sure the reader has a clear line of sight to the nearest window or door.
  2. Make sure the reader is at least 4 inches or 10 cm away from any other electrical devices.
  3. Check that the antenna points up. Remove any obstructions that might block the antenna’s connection to the mobile network. 

If the product reader hasn't connected to the network after 3 days:

  1. Unplug the product reader from the scanner and POS.
  2. Use the power outlet closest to a window.
  3. Use the blue USB cable to plug the product reader into a powered USB port, like a phone charger.
  4. Once the light on the product reader turns green, reconnect it to the POS and scanner.

The product reader is connected to the power source with a USB cord.


What do I do if the product reader is lost or damaged?

If the product reader in your store has been damaged, contact us with details.

Once notified of the damaged product reader, we investigate the incident internally and follow up with you to discuss a replacement product reader.

If you have lost or misplaced your product reader and you need a replacement, contact us with details. We’ll follow up with info about a replacement and remove the lost reader from your account.

Recycle and return your product reader

If you no longer use the product reader, consider recycling it.

If you’re a retailer in the US, Canada, Ireland, or the UK, you can use our recycling program.

If you’re unable to use the recycling service, please dispose of your product reader in an environmentally responsible way.

Contact us for more help

If you've followed the steps in this guide and still have an issue, contact us with the following info:

  • Your store name
  • The make and model of your barcode scanner
  • The make and model of your POS system
  • A brief description of the issue

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