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Connect & learn about the product reader

Important: This service was previously called Pointy, and it's now fully integrated into Google. The Pointy box is now the product reader, and the Pointy app is now the Local Inventory app.

You can use the product reader at no charge to increase your store’s visibility and showcase your products on Google. The product reader is a smart device that plugs in between your point of sale (POS) system and scanner. It runs off its own internal connection to the internet through the mobile network.

Connect the product reader with a USB scanner

You can connect the product reader in 3 easy steps. If you need more assistance, find the instructions in the package with your product reader.

To plug in a USB scanner:

  1. Disconnect your barcode scanner from your POS system.
    • Note the USB port that you removed it from.
  2. Plug the large end of the provided USB lead into this port and the small end into the product reader.
  3. Plug your barcode scanner into the product reader.
    • To make sure that your product reader is activated, scan 5 UPC/EAN barcodes.

Most retailers use a USB scanner, which means your setup should resemble the image below.

Tip: The product reader shown in the images below may be different to the model you receive in the mail.

The image shows how the product reader connects through a USB connection.

If you don’t use a USB scanner, you’ll need an adapter. To order an adapter at no charge, contact us.

When installed correctly, the product reader connects to the mobile network. Connection can take a few minutes. Once it’s connected, a green light illuminates on the product reader. Learn more about USB and other scanners.

Connect the product reader with a cordless or wireless scanner

The product reader requires a physical connection. For the product reader to receive scans from your barcode scanner, it must be plugged into the setup. If your wireless scanner connects to your POS through a USB dongle or base station, the reader should work.

A setup with a wireless dongle should look like this:

The image shows how to set up the product reader with a USB dongle

A setup with a USB cradle should look like this:

The image shows how to set up the product reader with a USB cradle.

Tip: If you haven’t signed up and want to add your products to Google easily, sign up here.


Do I need an internet connection to use the product reader?
No. The product reader has its own internal connection to the internet through the mobile network. You just need to plug it in.
What if I don't have a barcode scanner?

The product reader connects between your barcode scanner and POS system. When you scan a product, the product reader matches the product image and name from the UPC/EAN barcode and adds it to Google. If you don’t have a barcode scanner, then your store isn’t eligible for a product reader.

If you don’t have a barcode scanner, you may be able to use the Local Inventory app to sync products from your POS system instead. Check the list of compatible POS systems.
What if I don't have a USB barcode scanner?

The product reader works with the following types of barcode scanner connections. If you need one of these adapters to match your barcode scanner connection, you can contact us for a complementary adapter.

  • Serial: The Serial connection type is also called RS232. This connection type has 2 screws at both sides of the plug and 9 pins inside.

Serial scanner

  • CAT5/RJ45: CAT5/RJ45 resembles a phone or Ethernet cable.

CAT5/RJ45 scanner

  • PS/2: PS/2 is circular and has been used to connect keyboards or mice to older computers. It may be attached to a splitter.

PS/2 scanner

Contact us for help

If your product reader is connected properly but you still experience an issue, you can contact us. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your store name
  • The make and model of your barcode scanner
  • The make and model of your POS system
  • A brief description of the issue
Recycle and return your product reader

If you no longer use the product reader, consider recycling it.

If you’re a retailer in the US, Canada, Ireland, or the UK, you can use our recycling program.


Tip: If you’re unable to use the recycling service, please dispose of your product reader in an environmentally responsible way.

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