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Learn who can add in-store products to Google automatically

Important: This service was previously called Pointy, and it's now fully integrated into Google. The Pointy box is now the product reader, and the Pointy app is now the Local Inventory app.

Determine your eligibility

To be eligible to add your products to Google automatically, you must:

  • Have a physical storefront where shoppers can buy your products.
  • Have a verified Google Business Profile that you’re signed in to.
    Tip: If you try to sign up but are redirected, sign in to the account associated with your Business Profile.
  • Sell products that have UPC/EAN/manufacturer barcodes.
  • Be in an eligible country or region (Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, or the US).
  • Sell products from an eligible store type.

Tip: If you’re a retailer based in an ineligible country or region, or you sell products that aren’t a good fit, you can add products manually with the Product Editor.

Understand required barcodes

If you create your own barcodes or labels, they don’t show in our database, so we can’t find images or descriptions for your products. Our database contains product info associated with manufacturer (UPC/EAN) barcodes.

If you produce your own barcode labels, you may be able to add your products automatically. To add your products automatically:

  1. Leave both the UPC/EAN and your barcode labels on the product.
  2. Scan both labels at the point of sale.

Understand prohibited & restricted categories

We consider certain store types, like gun stores and tobacco stores, to be sensitive. These store types may have display restrictions, and restricted products are blocked from showing.

If your store mainly sells products with display restrictions, like tobacco or prescription medicines, this service may not be a good fit. The store can still sign up, but we only show items that aren’t prohibited or restricted. For example, if a tobacco store signs up, tobacco-based products don’t show. However, non-tobacco products, like candles and lighters, would show.

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