Changes to your Performance data

Business Profile Performance reporting is moving closer to your profile on Search and Maps. You’ll be able to access more of the core profile metrics directly from your Business Profile. We start with interactions to let you know how often people have contacted you. More metrics will follow over the coming months and will include detailed reports about searches and the number of people who saw the profile.

After metrics are added to Performance reporting, the older versions of those metrics will eventually be removed from the Business Profile Manager.

Performance reporting is currently available on Search and will soon be available on Maps.

You can find data from the past 6 months. You’ll be able to review your performance by selecting custom time frames, with interaction metrics updated daily and other metrics updated monthly.

Review your Performance reporting

To review the new metrics from your Business Profile, go to Performance reporting:

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. Select Promote and then Performance.
    • Tip: On your desktop, on Google Search, select Performance.
  3. At the top of the page, select a date range for your report.
  4. Select Apply.

Refocused reporting on the Business Profile

Important: We can’t provide timelines for any individual change before it takes place. We’ll update this article as changes occur. Updates can include:

  • New metric update frequency: We may update how often a metric is calculated (for example, updating the data at the end of the month).
  • Addition of new metrics: The metrics provided in Performance reporting will evolve over the coming months to include new data that has never appeared on the Google Business Profile Performance page.
  • Unchanged metrics: Certain metrics will move to Performance reporting without significant changes. 

The table below will announce upcoming changes to the metrics or new metrics we’ll introduce to Performance reporting.

Metric Change

In March 2022 we launched Message response rate and Average response time. Message response rate shows the percent of the messages you responded per month. Average response time shows how quickly you responded to your messages per month.

  • This data is available for up to 6 months.
  • Data is refreshed with a 3 day delay.
  • Monthly reporting is chosen in the date picker.
Website clicks

We added the number of clicks to your website from your Business Profile to the "Interactions" section of the Performance page.

Website clicks in Performance reporting on Search won't include clicks on the website from Google Business Profile websites. This means the number of clicks shown in the "Interactions" section might differ from the numbers on the Performance reporting.

Direction requests

We added Direction requests to the "Interactions" section of the Performance page on Search. 

The metric shows the number and location of unique customers who request directions to your business. We changed how we tally unique direction requests to account for things like multi-tapping, direction request cancellation, and spam. We expect the new direction requests metric to more accurately represent the number of times individual customers request directions to your business. 

As we experiment with the new metric, the old version of Direction Requests will be available on the Performance Page, by spreadsheet download and in the API. To learn more, visit our API Developer documentation.


Queries used to find your business

Searches are updated monthly instead of quarterly. This data is available for up to 6 months.

Number of people who viewed your Business Profile

In February 2021, we launched this metric.

Performance reporting metric that represents the number of people who have viewed your Business Profile. It provides a breakdown by device, like computer and mobile, or by platform, like Search or Maps.

Food orders

In February 2022, we launched the food orders metric. Performance reporting metric that represents the number orders placed for pickup or delivery directly from your Google Business Profile with an Order with Google Provider. Review Order with Google provider

Download your metrics

Metrics will remain available via download and over the API.

If you have a single business, you can download performance at If you manage multiple Business Profiles, follow the steps to access Performance data in bulk.

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