Use Assistant commands in your car

You can ask Assistant to navigate, play music or radio, or call a friend.

Try these commands


  • "Navigate to [address].”
  • “Navigate to Work."
  • "How’s the traffic to work?"
  • "What’s my next turn?"

Use car controls

  • “Set the temperature to 70 degrees.”
  • “Turn on my seat heater.”
  • “Turn on the front defroster.”

Play media

  • "Play some music."
  • “Play the news.”
  • “Resume my book.”
  • "Play [song name]."
  • “Play [radio] or [frequency].”
  • "Play the latest episode of [podcast name]."


Step 1: Pair your mobile phone

To send text messages and make calls, connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth.

Step 2: Allow Assistant to access notifications

To read your messages, enable notifications for Assistant.

  1. Tap the car display home screen
  2. Go to your apps.
  3. Tap Settings Settings and then Apps and Notifications and then Special app access and then Notification access.
  4. Turn on Google Assistant.

Step 3: Use voice commands

  • "Call Mom."
  • "Text Dad."
  • "Read my messages."
Tip: To have Assistant read a notification, you can also tap Play.

Learn more about what you can ask Assistant.


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