Use Google Maps features built into your electric vehicle

Important: This article is only for Google Maps built into your car. Feature availability or functionality may depend on your car manufacturer or region and data plan.

You can get useful information for your electric vehicle on Google Maps. You can find your car’s battery level on arrival, get important battery alerts, and find compatible charging stations.

Tip: This feature isn't available in all languages and countries/regions.

Battery on arrival

When you search for a place on Maps, you’ll find your car’s estimated battery on arrival Battery on arrival. Once navigation starts, your battery on arrival will continuously update as you drive.

Charging Assistance

When you navigate to a destination:

  • If you won’t reach your destination without charging, and you require only one charging stop, you’ll be prompted to select a charging station along your route. 
  • If you won’t reach your destination without charging and it requires multiple charging stations, they’ll all be automatically added in along your route. The charging time will be included in the duration of the trip.

To add a charging station to your route:

  1. Tap Add charging stop.
  2. Select a charging station.

To report missing or incorrect charging station information, send us feedback on your mobile device.

Search for charging stations

You can search on Maps for compatible plugs with your car and choose what shows up in your results by:

  • Charger types
  • Payment networks
  • Charging speeds

Learn how to add a charging station to your route before starting navigation or along the route during navigation.

If you add a charging station along the route, you’ll find a recommended minimum charging time. Charging times vary by the car’s battery on arrival, the car’s charging capabilities, and the station’s charging speed.

Tip: Tap a charging station for more info, like power output.

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