Report overview

Google Books preview traffic reports 

Google Play earnings reports 

Google Play sales reports 

Reports needed

  • Earnings reports: Information about your monthly earnings with Google Play. 
  • Transaction reports: Information about all ISBN sales. 
  • Google Books preview traffic reports: Page views and visits on Google Books. 

Differences between the reports 

  • Earnings reports
    • Contains the transactions that were included in that month's payment. 
    • Doesn't contain pre-orders that haven't been fulfilled. 
  • Transaction reports 
    • May contain transactions that appear on other Earning Reports. 
    • May have some missing values, such as Earnings Amount. The values will be filled in if you download them in a few days. 
  • Google Books preview traffic reports 
    • Contains page visits about Google Books preview.

Report availability

  • Sales reports (Transaction and Summary reports) 
    • 1-2 days after the transaction occurred. 
  • Earnings reports
    • Five business days after the end of the month. 
    • If it has been more than five days and you haven't received a report, check that your tax information is correct. 


Note: Dates are displayed in the pacific time zone, so a transaction that occurred on 1 January in Europe may show a date of 31 December in our reports. 

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