Add a new book quick-start guide

Step 1: Add a new book

To add a new book to the Books Partner Centre:
  1. Sign in to the Play Books Partner Centre.
  2. At the left navigation panel, click Book Catalogue.
  3. Click Add Book.
  4. If your account has multiple templates, select which template to apply. Learn more about templates.
  5. Select which sell option you’d like to choose. 
  6. Select a book ID.
    1. If you don’t have an ISBN or EAN, select Get a Google book ID (GGKEY). You’ll be assigned a GGKEY identifier once you click Save & Continue. 
    2. If you use an ISBN or EAN, enter the ISBN or EAN in the field provided.
      Once you enter an ISBN or EAN, it cannot be changed. Learn more about ISBNs
  7.  ​Click Save & Continue.

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