Promotions (scheduled price changes)

Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.

You can offer limited-time discounts on your books on Google Play by using price promotions in the Partner Centre. Set up a promotion to change the list price of your book for a specified date range, during which the book may be featured on the Google Play Store or in marketing emails; afterwards the book will return to its original list price. (You can't run a promotion on a book that isn't already available for sale).

Click Promotions in the Partner Centre to view your current promotions or to set up new ones.

If you can't see the Promotions page, ask an administrator of your account to grant you Book Catalogue access.

You can also schedule promotional prices by providing individual book prices with start and end dates or via ONIX. If you set overlapping promotions using any of these methods, the promotion with the lowest price will take effect.

Creating a promotion

Click the Add new promotion button to schedule a new promotion.

You'll be asked to provide the following information:

  • a name for the promotion
  • a start date (the promotion will take effect at 00:00 on this day according to the earliest buyer's time zone)
  • an end date (the promotion will expire at 23:59 on this day according to the earliest buyer's time zone)
  • a list of books and their promotional prices in a CSV file (more information below)
To schedule a one-day promotion, use the same start and end date.

Viewing details

You'll see a list of all your promotions, with their start dates and end dates, under Current Promotions. Click the status (e.g. "Scheduled") to download a file with more details. For promotions with a status of "Scheduled," "Started" and "Ended," you'll download a list of books included in the promotion with their promotional prices. You can open the file in a spreadsheet programme such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

While a promotion is in progress, the promotional prices won't be reflected in the affected books' Prices tabs, so make sure that you keep a copy of your promotion details.

Editing a promotion

At this time, you can't edit existing promotions. If you'd like to make changes, please end or remove the promotion and create a new one. You can first download the file containing the list of books and their promotional prices, make any adjustments, then re-use that file for the new promotion.

You can't overwrite a promotion by creating a new one with the same name. Make sure that you delete the old promotion first, or you'll have two promotions with the same name.

Removing a promotion

You can delete a scheduled promotion by clicking Remove. If the campaign never began, its listing will be removed from the page.

If you want to remove a promotion that has started and is currently in progress, click End. The promotion will end early and its status will change to Ended with an updated end date. Promotional prices will stop applying to your books within 24 hours.

CSV format for promotion book lists

Click the Download CSV template button to generate a template for the promotion book list file, which you can open in a spreadsheet program. Only the following column headers will be accepted. (Note that they differ from the column headers found in the CSV file downloaded from the Book Catalogue.)

Required column headers

  • Identifier (e.g. ISBN)
  • Title (for your convenience; values in this column will not be used by our system and can be left blank)
  • Currency
  • Amount (should not include the currency symbol)
  • Countries

The Currency, Amount, and Countries columns refer to the promotional price and where it should apply. If you list countries that use a different currency, the promotional price will only apply there if currency conversion is enabled.

If you want to apply more than one promotional price to a book during the same promotion period, add a row for each price. For example, you can set one promotional price in the US and a different promotional price for the same book in Canada; each price would be a separate row in the promotion spreadsheet. If currency conversion is enabled, you can use the keyword WORLD to apply the promotional price to all of your sales territories.

Format and encoding

Save your promotion book list as a tab-separated, Unicode-encoded (UTF-16LE) CSV (comma-separated values) file.


If there are any issues processing your CSV file, the promotion's status will display as Has errors. Click the status to download another CSV file that lists the errors.


Here's an example of a spreadsheet that will discount a book to £1.99 in the United States, and £0.99 in the United Kingdom. A different book will be discounted to US$3.00 or the local equivalent in all sale territories.

Identifier Title Currency Amount Countries
1234567890123 Optional Title USD 1.99 US
1234567890123 Optional Title GBP 0.99 GB
9780123456789 Optional Title 2 USD 3.00 WORLD
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