Viewing Library Project books

For each of the books scanned from our partner libraries, we show you basic information, like you'd see in a library catalogue. If a book is determined to be in the public domain, we'll show you the full text of the book, so you can page through the book from start to finish. Otherwise, we'll show just a few snippets - sentences of your search term in context.

Please take a look at these examples to see how books are displayed in Google Books.

In all cases, Google provides links that lead directly to online bookstores where you can buy the book, as well as a "Find in a library" link to help you locate a copy in a local library. (You may need to click the "Get this book in print" link to see this list.) If there is a downloadable electronic copy available, you'll see an "EBOOK" button indicating that you can either purchase or acquire it for free.

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