An introduction to the Google Books Partner Programme

When you submit your books through the Play Books Partner Centre, you can: 

  • Sell your book through the Play Store and offer a preview on Google Books.
  • Offer a preview of your book on Google Books, even if it's not available on Google Play.

Sell your book on Google Play

Play Books provides you with a base of users and an easy way to manage your content. We can introduce your books to readers from around the world.

We don’t ask for exclusive rights to sell digital editions. You can sell your books on Google Play and through other retailers. 

There's no charge to sell your books on Google Play and your revenue share is based on the list price that you provide.

Readers can find your books in the Play Store or use a link from Google Books. After they purchase your book, they can use their browser or the Play Books app to read it.

Learn more about selling books on Google Play.

Offer a preview on Google Books

Important: To sell an eBook on Google Play, a preview of the book must be available on Google Books.

Publishers and authors can promote their books through the Preview Programme at no charge.

You can use Google Books to  help readers discover your book. For example, readers  can preview a limited number of pages of your book on Google Books to decide if they're interested in it. 

They can also follow links to buy, borrow or download the book, when applicable.

In supported countries, you can sell digital editions of your books on Google Play and earn revenue whenever users purchase your eBooks and audiobooks from the Play Store.

Learn more about the Google Books Preview Programme.



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