Book status and availability

Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.

There are three levels of availability for books submitted to the Partner Program:

  • activated for preview in Google Books and enabled for sale in the Google Play store (available in limited countries)
  • activated for preview in Google Books
  • deactivated (no preview on Google Books and not available for sale on Google Play)

Status messages

Each book will display one of the following status messages in your Book Catalog and on the individual book's Summary page:

  • Live on Google Play: The book is available in the Google Play store. Hover your cursor over the status message in the Book Catalog to see the countries where the book is available for sale.
  • Live on Google Books: The book is previewable on Google Books. In the Book Catalog, hover your cursor over the status message to see the countries where the preview is available.
  • Needs approval: You've added this book to your account, but you haven't yet indicated whether you'd like it to be available on Google Books or in the Google Play store. Click the book's title in the Book Catalog and go to the Summary tab to set the book's availability. (You can avoid this status in the future by adjusting template settings to automatically apply defaults.)
  • Needs action: There's an issue preventing the book from going live on Google Books or the Google Play store. In the Book Catalog, hover your cursor over the status message in your account to see more details. Use our troubleshooting tool to check what steps you should take.
  • Processing: A recent change to your book's files or settings is still processing. Check back soon for an updated status.
  • Deactivated: The book was added to the Book Catalog, but then was unpublished and is currently not live on either Google Books or Google Play. It will not display in the default view of the Book Catalog, but will show up for specific searches.
  • Unknown: This status can appear when our system is still processing your book settings.

If you'd like to view details on the status of all your books without hovering over each status message in the Book Catalog, you can download a spreadsheet of your books and view the Status column. When downloading the spreadsheet, be sure to check the box labeled Show metadata columns.

Change availability

To change where a book is available, go to the Book Catalog in your Partner Center account, click the book's title, then click the Summary tab. (For new books or inactive books, the tab may be called Publish instead).

  • Activating the book will allow it to become previewable on Google Books.
  • Enabling the book for sale will allow it to be sold on Google Play (available in limited countries).
  • Deactivating the book will remove it from Google Books and Google Play.

Note that you may also need to provide files and settings for the book to go live. If this is the case, the book will display a status of "Needs action."

Currently, you can't activate or deactivate previews for Google Books in bulk. (Please contact us if you need to do this.) However, you can enable multiple books for sale or remove them from sale on Google Play by using a spreadsheet.

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