Add a single book

If you have a large number of books that you'd like to submit at one time, please read the instructions for adding multiple books.

Provide book settings

  1. Sign in to the Partner Centre at
  2. Go to the Book Catalogue.
  3. Click the Add book button.
  4. Enter the ISBN, if your book has one. You can enter either the 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN. If you don't have an ISBN for the book, tick the box labelled This book doesn't have an ISBN or other identifier to assign a Google-only identifier (prefixed with GGKEY) to your book.
  5. Select the correct Book Format from the drop-down menu. If this identifier is the same for the physical edition and digital version, please select the correct physical format. If the identifier is unique for the digital version, please select Digital.
  6. If you have multiple templates in your account, select the template with the default settings that you'd like to apply to this book.
  7. Click the Create button.
  8. Provide as much information as possible about the book.
    • On the Metadata tab, enter basic bibliographic information such as the Book Format, Title and Contributor (author).
    • On the Content tab, you can upload the files for this book.
    • On the Prices tab, specify where you want to sell the book and for how much. (This tab is only available if you can sell books on Google Play).
    • On the Settings tab, configure preview and distribution settings for this book.
  9. Click the name of each tab to navigate to it. When you're ready to submit files for this book, go to the Content tab and follow the steps for uploading the content and cover.

Upload content and cover files

  1. Go to the Content tab for the book and click the Upload content button.
  2. Click Choose files and select the files for this book from your computer. You can upload multiple files at one time, although each file must be less than 2 GB in size. Please make sure that you follow our filename guidelines. Successfully uploaded files will be listed on this tab.

Publish the book

  1. Once you've provided the book content and you're satisfied with book settings, you're ready to publish your book. Go to the Publish tab and click the Ready to publish button. If your account is based in a country where you can sell books on Google Play, you can choose where your book should become available:
    • Publish to Google Play and Google Books will display your book both on Google Books and in the Google Play Store.
    • Publish to Google Books only will display your book on Google Books, with the full text searchable and the specified percentage available to read online.
  2. The book will immediately appear in your Book Catalogue and be published within 24 hours.
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