Configure account settings

You can access your account settings by signing in to the Partner Center at and clicking Account Settings in the left-hand menu. (Account Settings are only available to users with administrative access.) There are several types of settings for your account.

If you're looking for default settings for your books, go to the Book Catalog instead and manage your templates.
For information on setting up your payment settings for Google Play, see our overview of sales and payment settings.

Account Information

Please provide the account-level contact information and keep it up-to-date, especially the primary contact name and email address (which need not be the same as the email address used to sign in to the account). Country cannot be changed.

Email Preferences

You can opt in or out of receiving periodic announcements and surveys about your Google Books account. Personal preferences differ for each user of the account.


Add or remove additional users who have access to this Google Books account. These users must have a Google Account. Read more about managing additional users.

If your account is supported by a third party, you can view information about your service provider on this page. If you'd like to make a change to these settings, please contact us.

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