Configure account settings

To access your account settings:
  1. Sign in to Partner Centre.
  2. On the left menu, click Account settings. Account settings are available to users with administrative access only.


Account information

Update your contact information. Country can’t be changed.

Email preferences

Users can choose to get different types of email communications.

  1. In the Partner Centre site, go to Account settings and then Email preferences.
  2. Use the following categories to control which type of emails you want to receive.
    Category Definition
    Announcements* Get important announcements about Google Play Books.
    Updates and opportunities Get tips and information about new programs and features that benefit your books.
    Catalogue alerts* Get notifications when books or your account require attention.
    Technical alerts* Get notifications about technical issues, like ONIX and file transfers.
    Feedback Provide periodic feedback through surveys and research studies to help improve Google Play Books.
Tip: Email preferences are user-specific. If you’re not listed within the account, contact your account’s administrator or contact us. Learn how to manage additional Partner Centre users.

Email preferences for payments

Category Definition

Receive notices about payments and payment-related issues within the account.

To opt in or out, add your email in the payment profile.

*Mandatory categories. Account must have at least one user to get these notices.

Payment-related emails will be sent to the email address listed in the 'Payment profile' section of the account.

To view these emails:

  1. Go to the payment profile.
  2. Click Edit and then Settings and then Manage settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Payment contacts and then Add a new contact.


Users with admin access can add or remove users from the account. To add a user, the email address for the user must be associated with a Google Account. Learn more about how to manage additional users.


To change the display language, add ?hl=[language code] to the end of the URL. For example,


  • If your URL contains ‘?’: To add a country or language code, replace ‘?’ with ‘&’.
  • If the URL contains ‘#’: Add a country or language code before ‘#’.
Click Export books to download a spreadsheet, on the Books catalogue page. It's available in the display language. Metadata for each book, like title and descriptions, stays in the original language.

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