How to claim books that were scanned for the Library Project

If you hold the rights to a book that was scanned as part of the Library Project, you're welcome to transfer it to the Partner Programme. A portion of pages will become browsable to users and you'll be able to add a link to your own website. Send your transfer request to our support team.

How much more of my book will be viewable if I add it to my Partner Programme account?
In order to provide a positive browsing experience on Google Books, we currently ask that at least 20% of the book be browsable. You're welcome to make your book fully browsable if you wish and can even enable free PDF downloads.

Can I get a PDF of the scanned book?
We're unable to accommodate manual requests for our scanned files. However, if you're willing to add the book to your Partner Programme account and make it both 100% browsable and available for download to all users, you can acquire the PDF by visiting your book's page on Google Books.

Can I sell a digital edition of my book on Google Play using the scanned file?
Our scanned files aren't always of sufficiently high quality to offer for sale to Google Play users. We recommend that you send us a clean digital file (in PDF or EPUB format) or a physical copy of your book.

How long will it take for the book to go live?
It may take up to a week for the books to be associated with your account and another two weeks for them to be live on Google Books. You can track their status from the Book Catalogue page of your account. If the books are not live after that period, please contact us.

Can I replace a scanned file with a higher quality copy?
Due to technical constraints with our system, we're unable to modify or overwrite scanned files. If you anticipate being able to send us a digital file or a physical copy, we recommend that you wait until you can directly submit your book to us. The library scan will still be findable in Google Books along with the scan you submit.

Can you scan my book?
If you would like to add a preview of your book to Google Books but you don't have a copy and it hasn't yet been scanned by Google, you can request that we scan it from one of our partner libraries. We will check to see if the book is held by a scanning partner, and if so, we'll ask the library if it's available for scanning. As with all books digitised by Google as part of the Library Project, the source library can choose to download a copy of the scanned work.

Exclude your books from the Library Project

If you'd like to exclude your book from being scanned for the Library Project or remove the search option for a book that's already been scanned, let us know. You'll need to provide us with a small amount of information about yourself as well as a list of books you don't want to be searchable on Google Books. Unless you specify otherwise, we'll use your information only to verify that you are indeed the owner of those particular books. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

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