Integration with IAB CCPA Framework Technical Specifications

Google is not currently a signatory to the IAB Privacy’s Limited Service Provider Contract. We have however integrated with the IAB CCPA Framework v1.0 Technical Specifications in Authorized Buyers as detailed below.

Technical integration

Google supports the IAB Tech Lab’s v1.0 technical specifications for reading the us_privacy string in our publisher ad products and applies restricted data processing when the string indicates a user has opted out (additional detail below).

Our ad tags will interact with the publisher’s page to retrieve the us_privacy string. Publishers who choose to use the IAB signal should follow the technical specification provided by the IAB Tech Lab to implement the us_privacy string on their pages.

  • When the IAB string indicates a user has not opted out, there will be no changes to ad serving behavior and the IAB signal will not be propagated further to other vendors.
  • When the IAB string indicates a user has opted out, Google will enable restricted data processing. When restricted data processing is enabled, Google does not call out to third parties via RTB and the signal would not be propagated further to other vendors.

Funding Choices

Funding Choices is assessing the IAB framework for CCPA. We will share more details on our product plans in Q1 2020. Please see this help center for more details on how Funding Choices plans to help partners comply with CCPA.

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