Non-personalized ad requests

Beginning on October 21, 2021, Google will start sending bid requests for non-personalized and restricted data processing ad requests to third-party RTB bidders.

This help center will be updated periodically to ensure you have the latest information.

Non-personalized ads are ads that are not based on a user’s past behavior. They are targeted using contextual information, including coarse geo-targeting based on current location and content of the current site or app. Bidders should not personalize ads served on NPA requests.

Publishers can use different controls for non-personalized ads depending on the region:

  • EEA, the UK, and Switzerland: Publishers can select ad partners (ad technology providers) to receive personalized and non-personalized bid requests.
  • Regulated US states: Publishers can select from a set of ad partners to receive personalized and non-personalized bid requests.
  • Brazil: Bid requests will be sent to all bidders that are part of the Ad Technology Providers for the LGPD list.
  • Other regions: Non-personalized ad requests outside of the previously noted regions will be sent to all bidders, subject to other protections.

Signals in bid requests

Bid requests for non-personalized ads will be labeled with privacy signals depending on the reason for serving non-personalized ads. Bidders will only receive requests with the following signals when a publisher has indicated they should receive using their publisher UI controls.

When request is... The bid request will indicate privacy treatment by including...
TCFv2 basic ads regs.gdpr=1


?npa=1 in EEA/Switzerland/UK



EEA/Switzerland/UK requests where publisher has set account-level NPA



?npa=1 in BR 



?npa=1 outside of EEA/Switzerland/UK or BR


?rdp=1 globally


Requests where publisher has set account-level RDP


Pub sends us_privacy string indicating user opt out



developer documentation You can find these fields in the OpenRTB and Authorized Buyer RTB protocols.

User identifiers (such as google_user_id, hosted_match_data, any device advertising IDs, and session_id) will be removed from bid requests for non-personalized ads. User-Agent information will be generalized in bid requests for non-personalized ads. Learn more When the User-Agent information is generalized, privacy_treatments.user_agent_data will be set to USER_AGENT_DATA_COARSENED, and privacy_treatments.user_agent will be set to USER_AGENT_COARSENED.

Truncated IP address will be removed from bid requests for non-personalized ads. When IP address is redacted, privacy_treatments.ip will be set to IP_REDACTED

Authorized Buyer RTB Fields OpenRTB Fields Applied action
google_user_id redacted
Device advertising ID (IDFA, UDID) device.ifa redacted
hosted_match_data user.buyeruid redacted
session_id device.ext.session_id redacted
ip device.ip, device.ipv6 redacted
user_agent generalized
user_agent_data device.ext.user_agent_data generalized
publisher_provided_id * user.eids redacted

See PPID OpenRTB representation for more details.

If Authorized Buyers do not intend to bid on non-personalized ad requests, they can filter bid requests without user identifiers in pretargeting.


  • Ads for which child-directed treatment applies are not eligible to be sent to third-party RTB bidders. Example: Ad requests configured with childDirectedTreatment or underAgeOfConsent

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