September 2019

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Transition of Ad Exchange inventory to a unified first-price auction complete

Starting, September 25:

  • Ad Exchange traffic has transitioned to a first-price auction, where the closing price is determined by the highest net bid in the auction.

  • For a short period of time, a small percentage (3% or less) of traffic will continue to stay on the second-price auction model, in order to monitor performance and ensure minimal disruption to your network.


If you still rely on the Bid Translation Service to bid in the First Price auction, we strongly encourage you to start developing the capability to bid in the First Price auction yourself since we will be deprecating the Bid Translation Service in early 2020.

 Learn more about the transition schedule

UI updates

New Pretargeting Interface (Open Beta)

The new Pretargeting UI (Open Beta) is scheduled to go live the week of October 7th. The old interface will not longer be supported beginning early November (exact date to come). Make sure your settings in the new interface are correct during the open beta. Learn more

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